To sign up please go to


Ø  Your membership will include one ATV Decal and one Vehicle Decal (if you have multiple quads, you can purchase additional Decals at $5 each).  The Decals are required for our Land Use Agreement with the local logging companies; 

Ø If you don't already have a Login and password for our Comox Valley ATV Members Only website, please contact Rick Levigne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get one as you will need one to complete requests for access cards, uploading ATV Training certificates, access free ATV training etc.

Ø  Our new Land Agreement requires people accessing Mosaic lands to have accredited ATV training.  On the Members Only website you will find a link to either upload a copy of an ATV training certificate from an accredited agency or to take the free ATV training provided through the link.  You only need to provide a copy the certificate each once;

Ø  Once you have paid your membership and uploaded your ATV Training certificate you can contact, Sly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Rick Levigne; at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain your Atv/Vehicle Decals (decals are required to access Land Use Agreement lands);

Ø    When picking up your ATV decal you will NEED to:

Show your ATV registration, ATV and tow vehicle plate numbers and your proof of at least $1 million in private Off Road Liability insurance (required for our Land Use Agreement with the logging companies). note: the 1 million in private Off Road Liability insurance is not the same thing as ICBC road crossing insurance.  Make sure you ask your insurance broker for the right type of coverage.  Please note that most Insurance companies provide discounts to ATV BC Club members so be sure to bring your ATV BC Membership number with you when you get your ATV insurance. (You can also purchase online from places like Got Toys)

You will also need to bring signed copies of the attached Waiver and Membership form.   

 Ø An Electronic Access card to access our staging area near Browns River, the Buckley Bay Gate and several other vates in our riding areas and can only be purchased online for $36.75 through the Clubs website.  You can also purchase a FOB for the Oyster River Main at 2 km gate for $18.85.  To purchase the card  or FOB please go to our website at   and click on the "Mosaic Access Request Form" tab  and follow the prompts.  Once you have completed the Access Request Form you will need to send the payment to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  (Please note that the Access card and FOB are tagged to your Club Membership and  will expire the same date as your Club Membership does unless you also renew the access card & FOB);    

Included below are a few spots club members can legally ride.  These are some of the main access points to our riding areas but all members have to ensure that they only access and ride on areas marked on our map as an authorised riding area. 

#1. Cook Creek/Chef Creek & Hastings Rd.

#2. Brown’s River Staging Area

Ø  Near the base of Mount Washington just off Duncan Bay main.

#3. Buckley Bay

#4. Campbell River, Argonaut & Upper Campbell Lake Areas.

Ø  Recently added area.

Ø  The following link takes you to a Mosaic website that lists all their public gate openings including the Buckley Bay gate opening / closing dates.

You can also check our Clubs website for a list of gates that our Club's Access Agreement gives you access to.

Ø  Check our Access Agreement maps to ensure that you stay inside our riding area and out of any restricted areas.


Ø  Below are some of the logging companies rules/regulations and a map of our riding areas along with the waiver, checklist and membership forms that all need to be signed and brought with you when you pick up your decal      

Note:  Presently we do NOT have permission to ride in or have access to any of the trails or roads in the Langley Lake watershed area or the Cumberland Mountain Bike trail system. 

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